This page and the accompanying file attachments (see below in red) are intended for any privately owned enterprise in the Banking Industry. If your enterprise in this industry is active and successful, among your first questions will be “Why should I take this idea seriously?” and “How much will it cost to implement a CapAlt Risk Solution?”.

To date, a few thousand privately owned enterprises, across all industries, have decided the advantages are significant. As for how much it will cost, our answer is “It depends” since it’s a function of the risks chosen from the Risk List provided below. The initial setup charges will largely depend on the annual premiums necessary to cover the various risks at the limits you select.

Also, please know that the minimum threshold for us getting involved with any enterprise is for it to have about $2M of gross annual revenue. This is our way of saying that while this is a fantastic idea to consider, the cost to implement a CapAlt Risk Solution must make sense for all parties involved and justified by the respective owner or owners of the enterprise.

For more information, please review any or all the following documents: