This page and the file attachments below are intended for any privately owned enterprise in this industry. In almost every case, owners should explore the use of a CapAlt Risk Solution™, or CRS™. It has the potential to unlock significant additional wealth for the owners of the winery.

If you own an active and successful enterprise in this industry, one of your first questions will be about the cost of participation in the CRS program. Not much, especially since we can realistically expect your return on investment will be at least 20% per year, net of all fees. Just know that the minimum revenue threshold for CRS participation is $2M of gross annual revenue.

This is our way of saying that while this is a fantastic idea to consider, the cost to implement a CRS must make sense to the parties involved and must be justified by all respective owners of the enterprise.

Your cost to participate is a function of the risks you choose, and at what limits, as found in the Risk List below. Be sure to also read our Memo to you. Initial setup charges will largely depend on the premiums needed to cover the risks and limits you select. Additionally, there is some initial capitalization needed under Puerto Rico law but always stay under your control.

In every case, and at no cost to you, we’ll provide you with an actuarially determined premium on which to base your decision for participation going forward. We’re very confident you’ll agree with the many hundreds of other business owners across all 50 states who now enjoy the benefits of participation in the CRS program.

For more information, please review any or all of the following documents: