The featured idea is a financial strategy that results in favorable tax outcomes and more money for retirement or other uses of money that are important to you. Our goal is to help you achieve a higher level of financial success.

The CapAlt Risk SolutionTM is a relatively new approach to the management of business operational risks that exist in every successful business enterprise. As the owner owner such an enterprise, we hope you find it in your best interest to explore what we describe here.

We’ve identified 13 primary industries with many sub-categories and this website is intended for any of you who own a successful business enterprise somewhere and is committed to its future.

Chances are good you’ll find your industry category among those to be found under the menu headings above. If you do own such an enterprise, then either you or someone on your staff is responsible for business operational insurance, which is why WE are here.

It’s based on an idea developed by Captive Alternatives, LLC over 20 years ago. Today, it’s become an example of effective insurance design and participatory re-insurance across the country, designed to address the operational risks faced by any enterprise 365 days a year.

Instead of buying your insurance from a typical commercial insurance company, a CapAlt Risk Solution brings significant advantages to you, the privately owned business owner. The favorable outcomes include the following:

  • Over the course of an insurance year, after any or all claims are processed and satisfied, premium dollars left over belong to you.
  • They can be recovered at a time of your choosing, since by then, they are considered surplus assets and protected equity, all under your control.
  • By the end of any calendar year plus a reconciliation period, the reasonable assumption is a financial outcome better than the before-tax revenue used to pay premiums by your company.
  • Proactive efforts made by you to manage operational risks will likely increase your net return, all the while receiving the same tax and accounting benefits as any large insurance company.
  • Any or all funds accumulating from prior years can be invested by you personally or by any investment advisors you select.
  • At the end of the day, the idea allows you to ultimately retire with more money in your pockets, if that’s an outcome you’re looking for.

Increased peace of mind in today’s stressful world also has benefits.

A CapAlt Risk Solution, properly implemented, will allow you to make conservative operating decisions about your business enterprise, coupled with whatever future benefits flow to you from having more money at your fingertips.